Brandable User Interface

Whitelabel-ready. UI customizable using just HTML and CSS, and optionally, JavaScript.

Secure and Private

DNS leak prevention, IPv6 leak prevention, and a kill switch are all included.


Mac OS X (10.8+), Windows (7+), and Linux are supported out of the box. iOS and Android coming soon.

Built with Security and Privacy in Mind

The client isn't just an app wrapper around OpenVPN—it's much more, providing privacy features that are critical to guaranteeing the integrity of a VPN service.

  • Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Prevention
  • IPv6 Leak Prevention
  • WebRTC Leak Prevention
  • Auto-Connect to Fastest Server
  • Software Update Notifications
  • Automatic Server List Updates
  • OpenVPN Obfuscation

VPN Protocol Support by Platform

VPN Client Toolkit supports all major desktop operating systems, including Mac OS X (10.8 and later), Windows (7 and later), and Linux (most modern distributions). Support for individual VPN protocols varies by platform, but OpenVPN is supported on all platforms, followed by IKEv2, and IPsec (IKEv1).

Protocol / Operating System Mac OS X Windows Linux
IKEv2 1 2
IPsec (IKEv1) 1
L2TP/IPsec 1
1 Uses the VPN client that is included in the OS
2 Requires Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Support for iOS and Android will follow in late 2016.

Pricing and Licensing Options

VPN Client Toolkit is licensed in one of two ways: as a software subscription service, billed by the number of active users using the VPN client per month; or as an outright full source code license for a flat fee, without usage-based billing.

Number of Active Users Cost
First 1,000 users per month $1.00 per user
Next 10,000 users per month $0.75 per user
Next 50,000 users per month $0.50 per user
Next 100,000 users per month $0.25 per user
Over 250,000 users per month Contact Us


How is an "active user" defined?

An active user is one individual who uses the client to connect to one of your VPN servers in a month.

We don't want to pay per-user. Can we have an unlimited license?

Please contact us and we will work out a solution. Alternatively, the full source code is also available for licensing, which allows for an unlimited number of users.

What source code is included in the VPN Client Toolkit?

All source code to the user interface is included, to allow full customizability of the user experience. The low-level VPN Client Toolkit core is closed source and only object code (cross-platform binaries for all supported platforms) is included. If you would like to license the full source code to the core, please contact us.

Are software updates included?

Yes, all critical security updates are included as part of the subscription. You have the option to selectively push updates of the VPN client core to your users. New features are added from time to time, which you will be able to distribute to your customers as well.

On what technologies is the VPN Client Toolkit built?

The core VPN client management code is written in Go, which exposes a JSON-RPC API for the UI, which is built on the Electron framework using JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Should you wish to build your own UI or drive the VPN client using another app, you have the option to do so with our simple API.

OpenVPN, the most popular SSL/VPN solution on the market, is currently supported as the main VPN protocol.

Is an enterprise edition available?

It is currently in private beta. If you are interested, please contact us with your requirements.

Interested in VPN Client Toolkit? Contact Us

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