Unparalleled simplicity. Minimal user interface. No new usernames or passwords to remember.


Secure-by-default configuration. Perfect Forward Secrecy. Mutual certificate authentication.

Easy to Manage

Dynamic runtime configuration updates. Windows Active Directory support. Auditing. JSON & RPC API.


Only the necessary features for common VPN use cases are built into the server. All users benefit from defaults that are based on security best practices. Additional functionality can be added via plugins in both control and data planes.

  • PAM Authentication
  • AD Authentication
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Authentication Plugins
  • Hostname Blocking
  • Client Key Management
  • Admin API
  • Packet Flow Plugins

Pilvy VPN Server is an end-to-end, secure, remote access solution that can be up and running in 5 minutes. It includes user-friendly native apps for macOS, Windows, and iOS, as well as command-line clients for macOS, Windows, and Linux for advanced users or custom integration. An Android app is under development and will be available later this year.


Pilvy VPN Server is built on Pilvy VPN Server Toolkit, our VPN SDK. Customers are able to extend the VPN server in a number of different areas:

Documentation about the server and plugin APIs will be provided in future releases.

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