Download the latest version of Pilvy VPN Server and Client apps.


Android support will be available in a later release.

How to Connect

After installing the server, copy the generated configuration profile from /etc/vpnserver/pki-tools/clients/client.vpntoolkit to the client and run:

vpnclient --profile client.vpntoolkit --connect

By default, PAM authentication is enabled, so any user account on the VPN server can be used to connect. The default PKCS12 identity password is secret as generated at install time. The .vpntoolkit is a JSON file containing server information, although can also embed credentials into it for a streamlined connection setup.

Useful command-line arguments:

  • --log-level debug to increase log verbosity
  • --no-route to ignore routes pushed by the server (usually for testing purposes)

On Windows, you will need to first install the OpenVPN NDIS 6 TUN/TAP driver (tap-windows, bottom of the page) for the client to work. The Windows app installer automatically does this.

On iOS, the configuration profile must be opened in Safari from a secure website and served with the application/x-vpntoolkit-profile MIME type. It can also be opened from any other app (e.g., Mail) as long as the .vpntoolkit file extension is retained.